Thursday, 22 February 2018

Alternate careers

picking up something new this late in life is always like second guessing yourself
But when opportunity comes you never say no

So here I am doing the garments for a Gujarati feature film 

A Designer Store

Multi Designer store in Ahmedabad
Tvak Designer store
27 sunrise Park

Sukhi singh & Deviba Wala

Time flies and how
It seems like it was October only yesterday
We opened the store on Dussehra 30 Th Sept.
The soft launch was on 3 rd sept - also the first billing date when we officially existed as a Designer store

The floor below the studio was suddenly available and the temptation was too much
All these years with the fashion industry and then the big blank
Felt like some talent was being wasted

A couple of phone calls and a leap of faith
Here we are 5 months and 14 designers later
Our next collection launches on the 27 Th Feb 2018 and it has been an interesting journey

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Swadeshi - An exhibition by ginipi art -
The exhibition by Giriraj Kadia and Ginipi Art showcased the work of leading indian artists
The word swadeshi was used as all the art was made on handmade paper locally sourced.

Deviba wala displayed 2 portraits in Sepia tones.
The monochromatic style is what she is known for 

Contemporary Indian Female Artist : Deviba Wala

What does one get labelled as ?
different name Tag's  and genres within the visual arts often come to be associated with young artists 
from the very beginning of the career and sometimes these labels limit us or hold us back. we often then are afraid of breaking the boundaries or of experimenting. experimental art is not serious enough is what some people will tell you. and once you have a Style stick to it is what others will tell you.

" contemporary indian female artist " : 

"Deviba Wala - Minimalist / Abstract Artist "

"Indian Art"

la Biennale Arte 2015 - Venezia

Art Biennale
I had the opportunity to visit the biennale in 2015 and what an experience it was
Just came across some photos and thought it's a good idea to share here

Watch the space for the article

After a week in Paris where my husband was cycling for the PBP 1200 km and when he was sufficiently rested we took a flight to the Marco Polo airport in Italy
From there it's a short bus ride to the coast and then the Waterbus to San silvestro where our accommodation was an authentic Venetian home tucked away in he by lanes.
The city was abuzz with posters and advertisements for the various biennale events.

Armed with a local map of Venice and the flyer for the biennale sites we set out on the three day journey of exploring the arts :)

Painting on a bat - exhibition by mantra art gallery

The exhibition by Mantra Art Gallery featuring the work of 100 artists from across India on cricket bats : A concept by Nayana Soparkar.
Opening on 5 th November 

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Grand opening Tvak Designer Store

30 th September
 Tvak Designer Store
Grand Opening at 10:00 am
By Ms. Anar Patel and Dr. Sonya Puri 

Open to all 
             The opening was a grand success and the store was appreciated by all visitors

List of designer names
Rituals by Dhyani
Gurpreet Kaur
Mamata singh Rathore
Vkriti collection
Rita Khurana
Lopamudra by abha and Shantanu Salunke
Jewellery by Anvita