Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Why I love Dali.

Why I love Salvador Dali. 

This photograph is enough actually to answer the question. 

I love Dali because he s crazy, He is the greatest exhibitionist of all time. The Revolutionary surrealist is an iconic figure of the art world and known for his wiry thin  distinctive mustache turned up and the way he carried himself. 

He was shy & lonely as a child. His father was openly abusive. His flamboyance was a result of him fighting the insecurity that he felt and the timidness inside. He had a brother that passed away 9 months before he was born and his mother told him he was the same soul. He believed he was a reincarnation of his brother.  His mother passed away when he was 16. This greatly effected him. His Childhood memories are of a village called Cadaques, in Spain the sea and landscapes with eroded that had holes in them and things he discovered amongst the rocks all find their way in his work. He painted stranded fish, keys, rusty nails and such objects in a dream-like setting and unreal made-up creatures. Elephants with legs like mosquitoes and grasshoppers coming of a mouth, sea urchins and wall clocks melting on tree branches. The objects often floating, fading away. All images of his Unconscious mind. he painted double images often depicting metamorphosis. He was a painter but also did a lot of Theatre set design,  Fashion & Architecture. His mother was from Barcelona and he liked what he called the strange soft buildings of the place. 

He lived an eclectic lifestyle. His imagery is a chronicle of his erotic desires and tensions
His Insanity and Irrational behavior often landed him in trouble. but he was unapologetic.
He gave up art school at age 22 because none of the teachers were good enough to judge him.  
The presented an authentic version of himself with fanatic intensity.

The temptation of St. Anthony 

The burning Giraffe 

He would go to restaurants and pay with a cheque that he had drawn on, he knew nobody would cash in a cheque with his original art on it.  He created his own Museum in Spain.
He said things like "I am very intelligent- I never tell the truth. , " Every morning when I wake up, I experience an exquisite joy - the joy of being Salvadore Dali " " & "If you play a genius you become one". An abandoned wash house was his first studio. He lay in a tub and drew. He said his humor was born there. He often put himself in a trance-like state before painting.
He called it the paranoic critical method and his work hand drawn photographs. 

His Russian wife Gala was his muse and a great influence on him. 

Gala of Spheres

Dali s fame grew, Contemporary artists and the advertising agency have extensively referenced his work. He continues to be a subject of great interest to all artists. Dali popularised surrealism, a means of liberating imagination and it affected culture & literature.

The Persistence of Memory one of his most popular works.

Monday, 13 April 2020

Retouching a functional art piece

A tealights holder !! 

Carved Wood. 

Retouched and painted green gold. 

Wiped the piece down with a wet cloth and then with sandpaper just went over some rough parts.
Once the piece was nice and smooth. Wiped off the extra dust and painted the first coat of green, keeping the paint watery to deep into the cracks. Then another coat of the same color but thicker paint after half an hr later. Once the paint has set gold colour was sponged in covering the entire piece.

I am looking through drawers to see what I can find next..
and while I was at it I painted the storage drawers too...

hope you all have fun doing projects similar to this. 

Go Green. Sustain. Recycle. Reuse.

The power of the human mind is limitless potential.
Whatever we dream we can achieve.
We have explored the universe and the microcosms.
What we need now to do is dream a better world and heal it.

Thursday, 9 April 2020

Permeance of Art

The permeance of art
 Reconnect with your practice 
in any way you can, all the creative people who ve not gotten around to doing projects the usual way. Not having access to the studio or regular work space and having only a limited supply at home of art material I m wondering how to make the most of time at hand. 

Find articles around the house that are in a little bit of TLC. 
Recycle, Refurbish, Reuse and evening Repurpose. 
All this adds to us moving towards a greener world. 

I found these old candle stands gathering dust on a corner top shelf. 
A bit of cleaning, a little paint and they should be as good as new. 

The carving on the pieces is beautiful and I thought a dull gold will be a good effect. I have used acrylic paint which usually I use for the canvasses. A coat of clear sealant on these should seal in the paint when I am done. For fun I going to add another colour to the top. A dark shade probably Aquamarine.

The finished pieces.. this took about half an hour and feel great. 
Off to look for more things I can paint over. 
Tc all !!! 

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Alternate careers

picking up something new this late in life is always like second guessing yourself
But when opportunity comes you never say no

So here I am doing the garments for a Gujarati feature film

Link to an interview for Ciceroni

A Designer Store

Multi Designer store in Ahmedabad
Tvak Designer store
27 sunrise Park

Sukhi singh & Deviba Wala

Time flies and how
It seems like it was October only yesterday
We opened the store on Dussehra 30 Th Sept.
The soft launch was on 3 rd sept - also the first billing date when we officially existed as a Designer store

The floor below the studio was suddenly available and the temptation was too much
All these years with the fashion industry and then the big blank
Felt like some talent was being wasted

A couple of phone calls and a leap of faith
Here we are 5 months and 14 designers later
Our next collection launches on the 27 Th Feb 2018 and it has been an interesting journey

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Swadeshi - An exhibition by ginipi art -

The exhibition by Giriraj Kadia and Ginipi Art showcased the work of leading indian artists
The word swadeshi was used as all the art was made on handmade paper locally sourced.

Deviba wala displayed 2 portraits in Sepia tones.
The monochromatic style is what she is known for